The Beautiful, Historical Country of Macedonia Welcomes All the Honeymoon Couples

Macedonia is an exotic non-coastal country, delimited by the neighboring countries like Serbia, Greece, and Bulgaria etc. Its history states that it was the territory of the legendary king Alexander the Great in past. Skopje, the capital satta matka city of Macedonia was rebuilt after a dreadful earthquake in 1963. It is the most stunning region enriched with natural exquisiteness, top- rated cuisines and beautiful historical buildings.

A beautiful turquoise stream passes through the city of Skopje. It houses sports hubs, archaeological locations, a marvelous fortification and many cultural monuments. Many deep, dark caves inhabit the monstrous canyons of the River Treska.

Best Time To Visit
The weather is dry and sultry during the long summers whereas, the frosty winters are icy, cold and snowed, suffering heavy snowfalls and avalanches. The most suitable time to visit Macedonia is between May to September, especially in the showery months of July and August.

Travel Routes
The country possesses two international airports in the city of Skopje and Ohrid. You may travel by air, sea or road depending upon your comfort level. Some of the travel agencies providing their services are- Ohrid Touring Agencies, Skopje Dollar Travels and Simonium Travels.

Macedonia is known for its delicacy. Some of the famous, delicious as well as economical dishes include Skara (grilled meat), Shopska salata (mixed salad seasoned with tomatoes, gingers and chopped Sirenje- a milk product similar to the cottage cheese) and Winter Gjuvech (A famous Balkan recipe flavored with pickled meat). Rakija is a luscious, intoxicating brandy which is also the National beverage of Macedonia.

Famous places
Ohrid is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is mainly a lakeside holiday hotel most regarded as a diamond in the Macedonian crown. Kumanovo is adorned with beautiful historical buildings, observatories and pre-modern arrangements.

Matka is a diminutive society located on the outskirts of Skopje. A beautiful church situated in this area within the dramatically cleaved crags, is dedicated to Mother Mary. Krusevo is encircled within the mountains, in a valley. It is termed as the “museum city”. The town is famous for its skiing locations.

Lake Ohrid, the famous tourist spot
It is an ancient lake and the deepest lake in Europe. The striking, refined mountains surround the lake. Surrounded around it, are the beautiful, ancient churches belonging to the medieval period.

So, if you want to take the pleasure of a fulsome holiday in the soothing backdrop, beside the crystal-clear lake waters and the hushed historical monuments then Macedonia is the finest honeymoon destination!

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