Pros And Cons Of Social Media

Suicide remains among the leading causes of death of children under age 14. When you do make a change based on community member feedback, let the community know. People love when their suggestions are taken seriously and spur action. Branded online communities are designed to start conversations about your organization and its offerings. For your… Continue reading Pros And Cons Of Social Media

Social Media Community Management Tips

Follow the 5 tips mentioned above to make sure your online community is successful. Then monitor and regularly see your community’s performance in relation to your community’s goals. We know that managing the online community can sometimes be difficult. With so many different ways to approach content creation, moderate membership input, and keeping your members… Continue reading Social Media Community Management Tips

Social Skills

Social stories, reflecting a conflict between two friends, introduced social conflicts, mentioned each character’s feelings and why they feel this way, and proposed an appropriate strategy to resolve the conflict. Peers also rated students in the treatment group as less aggressive after treatment. Compared to students in untreated control classrooms, students with LD who received… Continue reading Social Skills