Make Time to Write – Begin by Writing for Yourself First – The Universe Will Reward Your Effort!

There are so many wonderful reasons to find the time to write. You wonder why I say find the time to write? Writing is exciting, as it should be!

It is best initiated when you have the time to engage yourself on a fact-finding, poetic, or expressive mission- Allowing time to release what your spirit wants to release, first to yourself, then for you to pen on paper, or in 2018, make the time to type words of information, poetry or encouragement LET your writing be nourishment to your very own soul first!

You have to really enjoy writing at the very onset cs代写 of doing your craft. It should NEVER be seen as a bore or as a chore, THOUGH as much more- a passion, mission or even as your calling.

Writing can and does serve a purpose on so many different levels and circumstances:

*Write as self-therapy; read your thoughts on paper and you judge what needs to be mended, ended or further expanded upon- Let the good or unfair events of your life experience be released!

Be prepared to enjoy your writing mainly for your own personal self-satisfaction. Making the time to write should mainly be accomplished for the writers’ own enjoyment or benefit.

It is making time for you to spend alone in your own thoughts and to have a conversation between yourself and your divine higher self-imposed guiding voice. Utilize your innate ability to speak clearly and write or type your words or messages, maybe even later share your text with an audience of readers- if that’s what you choose to do with your content. ~ Because the hard, cold reality is that unless enough people, companies and freebies have been handed- out, not free to you the writer, but free for the entities that want and need the freebies. Writers’ should expect to get exploited a lot- writers that aimlessly crave the writing recognition. At least that’s part of the many lies that I was told about being a freelance writer. To that I say: NONSENSE! ~
There is NEVER a good reason to write for FREE for anyone other than for yourself!

* If you write well, believe me, people will find you and they will follow you and they will WANT to contact you.

Never let anyone tell you, or agree with them if they do, that you need to give away your writing content and creativity to many places before you can expect to be paid.

Your penned creativity took your time, sweat, and energy and should serve you first- before serving anyone else, if at all!

If they want your writing FREE OF CHARGE, the chances are very high,that they need good content and only wish to exploit your work to make a profit. Their intention is not to share with you, the writer, in the benefit or in the profit of what you created.

They are asking you for your original content to utilize for dishonest or fraudulent purposes. This is a hard truth. If anyone tells you that you need to contribute content to many places before you can get paid,then, my friend, they are deceiving you.

That is one of the biggest writing misnomers of writing and the advice given to MANY writers- to- date. Telling a writer that he should write for another person or company and not get paid is ludicrous!

Do not enlist the opinion of family or so-called friends, writing is something that your intimate circle of family and friends do not clearly comprehend.

I don’t know the reason WHY- or the answer to that- All that I can CLEARLY add: Is that it is rare to see a writer that has a supportive and understanding family, mate or friend.

They, the aforementioned people above, find more benefit in discouraging you as a writer than encouraging you as a person.

Sorry to relay such bitter, sad and unpleasant news to you. But if you want to be a great writer, you’ll need to have some very thick skin- especially if you want to earn a living doing any type of writing- analyze if writing is indeed what brings you the most passion.

*There are so many production companies, and many other published writers, in the entertainment and advertising industries, that will plagiarize UNKNOWN writers and repackage unprotected Intellectual Property for unfair gain and illegal profit, that the names would astound you…

They go around the Internet, Twitter and anywhere that they can find something unique or catchy and plagiarize your content!

Unless and until you have a trademark or a copyright on everything, they will plagiarize your work and add your creative passages, phrases and words to their products, movie scripts, commercials, and even have the audacity to add themselves as the owners of origin.

There are so many industries that do this, I don’t have the time or the space,on this forum, to name them all.

You would think that a publicist would not do this- but think again. They are combing the Internet to exploit free, written text, created by wonderful, outstanding, talented, unprotected, unpaid freelance writers.

These writers are posting their hearts out on their pay-by-the-month blogs- to gain a name by writing samples and to obtain Internet exposure.

Unfortunately, blogs usually only catch the wrong kind of exposure- that of large businesses, corporations, pharmaceuticals, or multinational companies who will quickly fight to see who can plagiarize your blog content first!

Pay no credence or attention to condescending publicists that will ask you, to write for them, FREE-OF-CHARGE.

They begin by playing on your emotions, telling you that they will give you the opportunity to exposure your writing style and your name on their site. NONSENSE.

If a publicist, a marketer, or an online company for-profit, is asking you to write for them, then recognize that they are using your writing skill, talent, content and acumen to earn money. And they don’t want to share in the profit with you! They view the freelance writer-as someone who needs to pay his dues, donate FREEBIES, in order to possibly earn a living OR to survive in the writing industry- Making them the money and bringing them a following by you, the writer, presenting your best writing and donating your time. NONSENSE.

Let them pay someone to write for them, if it’s not you, they will have to pay someone at some point.

OH, and many of the writers that they do pay, have a lot of free time, and surf the Internet for blogs of the unsuspecting writer, writing on blogs on publicly-viewed forums, again, plagiarizing good content.

Probably content that an unpaid, freelance writer wrote on an annually-renewed and paid blog that the writer had to pay to have online.

They advise writers to pay for a domain, pay for monthly hosting, create an exclusive brand and banner, and all of this in an effort to get a name following and writing exposure.

Who is getting the exposure, the companies and marketers searching the Internet for FREEBIES. They are using these FREEBIES to advertise, plagiarize and to rehash content that unpaid, freelance writers have posted on their pay-by-the-month blogs- Do you remember what I said about the advice given to writes by editors? Writes are encouraged to buy a website, post online and to do so to gain writing exposure.

** Participate in and enjoy writing on forums that offer exposure on a grander scale than what you or me can provide for ourselves.

*Writing is fast, easy and timeless to say the least, as soon as you get all of the hoodlums, liars, opportunists, plagiarism and writing -exploiters out of your way, you will find the time to write-even if only done for yourself- DO IT!

*One of the very first basics, of course: learn how to type. Be at least a proficient typist, that way the flow of your words does not get obstructed, or paused in the process of clerical missteps that can be easily addressed.

*Get a comfortable place to work and create. Have good airflow in the room. Sometimes just making your climate a few degrees warmer or cooler can have such an advantageous impact on your comfort, which again, effects your writing flow.

*Be willing to step away from your work.

Give yourself 15- minute breaks after you have finished a few paragraphs, or sometimes you can actually write a few pages in 15 minutes.

To all Would-Be Writers, please know this: You can write!

I suggest writing for yourself first, show nobody, then get published, get an official registration number and then publish on a site such as “Ezine Articles “and see where your writing desire takes you. Come out of the clouds of lies told to you by people wanting to earn money and to monetize themselves at the expense of freelance writers.

**There are many ways that the Universe will reward your writing habit and prowess.

Think of the self-healing, purging of thoughts, getting those negative or outdated thoughts out of your thought vibration and renewing, your mind, with more positive thoughts and vibes! That is a great form of therapy-if you ask me. The Universe will bring you fond followers and faithful writing friends, and of course, you may learn of more writing opportunities that can expand you, your brand or your scope of many more places to write. You can expand your content, subjects or whatever you need to do to entertain more writing, researching, or editing, and all done by gleaning from personal experience. ~ Place a value on yourself, which extends to your written text, and the Universe will show you the same respect and you will reap abundance in the end.**
**I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Freelance Writer of Inspirational Articles, Motivational Speaker and Writer of catchy, trending, poetic- Advertising and more! You pick the venue and I will poetically write it for you!***You can reach me via U.S. mail in Orlando, Florida.~ Writing is my hearts desire to reach others and teach, share, learn, motivate, or engage my readers in an original, poetic, whimsical or informative discipline. Please follow me on my personal website, or on Twitter.

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