Affiliate Marketing – Using the News For Your Niche

One component of a very successful niche site is keeping on top of the latest news ข่าวสด in the niche.  People like to visit sites that are updated regularly with the latest information.  If you want your visitors to return often and give you more chances at making affiliate commissions, then you will probably want to update regularly with fresh news and information.

You should subscribe to several publications in any niche you’re particularly successful in.  You’ll want to be able to keep up on trends, as well as be one of the first sites to break any piece of information in the niche.  You want to be the first source people check when there’s breaking news in the field, and one of the places they visit regularly to make sure they haven’t missed anything.

If you run a site on diabetes, you could offer breaking news about the latest research that’s going on regarding treatments for the disease.  You should offer information about clinical trials, new medical studies, and other information that is related to the field.  If you’re a week or two late coming out with a story, then you could lose out on some substantial traffic.

When major news in a field breaks, especially in a very popular area, there may be only brief snippets of information available through the major news media.  Someone might hear a short blurb on CNN about a new drug being tested.  If CNN doesn’t provide enough information about it, or if they happen to miss the story, they’ll probably go online for more information.

The reason it really pays to be one of the first to carry a story is because it makes it more likely that your page will be at the top of the search results by the time the story makes it into the media.  If your page is one of the oldest, it may have a better chance of ranking higher.

If your site is one of the only sources of information about a new story, then you could end up getting a lot of backlinks quickly from other sites who want to provide information about the story, or who write about it themselves and cite you as a source.

Some smaller niches may not require you to keep on top of news, but if your niche has much competition and is relatively popular, then keeping up on news and trends is a must.  Keeping your site updated and fresh will really boost its popularity, and keep it fresh in the minds of your visitors.

Remember, the average person needs to be exposed to an ad several times before they buy something.  If your visitors only visit your site once, then you’ll be losing a lot of potential sales.  But if you can provide the latest information on a regular basis, you can get your visitors coming back again and again, getting your ads in front of them for enough times to hopefully get their business!






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