16 Modern And Spacious Ideas For Open Concept Apartment Design

Unlike the deep blues of the walls with the light presence of the wood paneling and decorative patterns, NCDA designers created a high visual impact with the mezzanine of this small tree house in Hong Kong. The pine-lined sleeping area offers a cozy bedroom above the central area. The front wall has been chosen as a wooden decoration with geometric print and modern expression lights. This unique solution and the artistic vision behind the extra structure become a memorable decorative element of the design composition rather than a great addition. Practical things like storage are easy to forget when you ask for decorations.

Here too, the double bed becomes a functional sofa when it is partially hidden under the raised floor of the kitchen. Little large cushions and Voilà, a day area with a cozy sofa and a modern coffee table. With this design, the bed can be completely hidden under the platform and the floor can royal hallmark singapore be cleared for other activities. Raising the platform in the kitchen and adding multiple shelves in intriguing shapes gives the design a unique atmosphere, but also becomes a smart approach to save space. One of the easiest ideas for designing studio apartments is to record large mirrors!

The use of striking and accentuating colors that unite the furniture can become the focal point of the entire composition. A single piece of large custom cabinets with multiple functional components attracts attention and does not show how small the apartment really is. By creating a room within a room, designer Nils Holger Moormann tried to optimize the living facilities in modern micro apartments. Large furniture that is attached contains sleeping, eating and working areas that have been developed in a contemporary and dynamic way.

But the unifying visual accent comes from the decorative A-tone wall, consisting of planks of different sizes and shapes; the presence is an accent of artistic design and an arrangement of intelligent storage space. This cottage is only 13 square meters in size, but thanks to the design form Studiomama offers a large-scale home experience. The cozy and elegant decoration contains some very intelligent architectural solutions to expand the sense of space: the light-colored scheme, the mobile furniture units and the purpose multitasking are just a few. Because there was no room for a real sofa in this mini-house, the designers were cleverly covered with soft upholstery, an internal segment of the cabin and voilà units, a cozy reading niche. And even the bottom drawers are mobile and become a comfortable footstool. This mini sofa solution, with its colorful wall coverings, cushions and backrest, is very much matched to the rest of the serine design for the small house.

Follow the example of this dreamy, pink walled Washington DC study and separate those areas from a room. With the right size furniture, this decoration strategy can make a design more like a deliberately open floor plan, not just a one bedroom apartment. This functional contemporary design of a compact modular furniture system for micro-apartments was designed by MIT Media Lab in collaboration with designer Yves Béhar. He introduced us to a furniture unit with a bed and a cupboard on one side, and a home office and an entertainment suite on the other, so you can turn the space into a bedroom or living room at the touch of a button.

This CIAO project has a dynamic and functional approach to a small studio design this time in London. The facilities are used according to the owner’s lifestyle, including a practical and comfortable working corner that hides a second sliding bed that can be used by guests. The plywood platform offers a sling lift behind the medium-high shelf and houses the main bed. Graham Hill and his company, LifeEdited, specialize in creating smart and elegant solutions for ultra-living micro apartments. Here we have a smooth environment with versatile pieces such as a modular sofa and a coffee table that not only has multiple functions and position, but is also elegant.

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