Understanding Living in the Now

Have you ever considered that it is always Now? It may seem obvious, but certainly people do not tend to live from that understanding. Most individuals think and live in terms of linear time – past, present, future. But if it is always Now, what is the past and future?

Consider right at this moment, is it Now? Yes.

Now this moment, is it also Now? Yes.

What about the last moment just past, where is it? It is gone. Does it exist if it’s gone, and if so, where? It exists only as a memory, which is nothing more than a thought; but when you remember the past moment, when do you remember it? Now.

It is always Now.

What about the future; what is it? It isn’t. It is nothing more than a thought; and when are you having that thought? Now.

Let’s say that at this moment (this Now) you have the thought that in 2 minutes you will get a glass of water. What you are doing is projecting a concept about the future, and you are projecting it Now. No future action actually exists; it is only a thought about a glass of water, occurring in the Now.

In 2 minutes you get a glass of water, fulfilling go now your projected thought, and you may rationalize that you have just created your future by doing so. When you got your glass of water, it was Now. It wasn’t some time in the future, but rather it was Now. When you felt satisfied that you had created a future event, you felt satisfied in that present moment – the Now. When you remember that you filled a glass of water, you remembered it in that moment – that Now.

Nothing exists outside of Now; outside of the present moment. In truth, Now isn’t even a present moment, because a moment implies a measurable period of time, and Now cannot be measured. It has no beginning and no end; it just is – Now.

There is a flow of life for all existence, and it is the Now. Without worrying about the past or future, without any thought about what we should do (future) or shouldn’t have done (past), the course of our lives continues. This is a flow that we can depend on; and it is a flow that is not dependent on our thoughts.

Considering that only Now exists, and if past and future are only thoughts but not realities, what is the point of worrying about them? You may think that in the future you will do this, or that thing will happen. Maybe it will and maybe it won’t. You don’t know because the future doesn’t and can’t exist. Everything you project into it is nothing more than projected thought, and has no reality. It is true that one can influence thought and attempt to create a circumstance to occur, but it will still occur in the Now, if it occurs at all.

The same applies for the past. If someone hurt you yesterday, and yesterday doesn’t exist other than a memory, is it real? Your thinking about it Now is real, but does the event still exist? No, only in your thoughts; and your thoughts can be changed Now simply by realizing that the past and future are not realities.

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