Total Body Wellbeing

By having one of our professional therapists help and lead, you can focus on the right muscle groups and the necessary duration. Group lessons at StretchLab are more general and focus on all major muscle groups through static stretching and dynamic stretching and the use of tools such as yoga belts and foam rollers. Assistant stretching uses specific techniques to increase the mobility and flexibility of a muscle or muscle group. It requires advanced training in the way the body moves and is often done by massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and sports coaches. Stretching assistant is a gentle technique that can be used not only in widespread customers, but also in children, adults, the elderly and people with physical disabilities.

Stretching is an important part of any workout, but is often rushed or completely neglected. We know that stretching well creates a better range of motion, allowing an athlete to perform at a higher level. Stretching also has the advantage of increasing the body’s recovery time after training and helping to prevent acute discomfort or injury. Regular stretching is good for your general health, but did you know that assisted stretching is another way to go??

Massage Envy clinics feature the Streto method, a total body stretch that combines static stretching with minimum retention times of 30 seconds to prevent stretch reflex and cause relaxation. The method starts with the neck and shoulders and the body goes to the feet. It is based on more than 15 years of massage experience in combination with the latest stretching study. The Dynamic Body Stretching method supports a software program developed by McGrath to assess a customer’s range of motion and flexibility.

You might think that this type of activity is reserved for top athletes or practice enthusiasts, but everyone can take advantage of guided stretching. If you sit at a desk all day, your neck is probably tight, your head is forward and your shoulders are rounded. And unlike that, a person who stands all day can have low back pain, tight hips or stiff legs.

It is the best way to stretch to increase flexibility, reduce muscle tension or pain and free the body. On the other hand, research suggests that static stretch is stored for after a workout or a day off, as it has been shown to potentially reduce output power if you do it just before a workout. Static stretching can improve your joint mobility and range of motion, ultimately making it more comfortable to move in everyday life and improve your ability to exercise well . For example, a higher range of motion can help you lower yourself better in a crouched position or dead weight, allowing you to sink deeper and recruit more muscles, increasing the strengthening benefits of movement. The assisted stretching method performed at Living Well Balanced is based on rigorous scientific therapy.

Like Tai Chi or Yoga, small but concentrated movements help bring the mind into a state of total relaxation. I was at an event where we then took a training lesson with a “mini stretch” session. The stretching session focused on the upper body, which was perfect because I have a lot of tension there and sometimes I don’t know how to stretch super-solar areas like neck or falls very pain relieving roll on well. Whether you are an athlete or want to take better care of your muscles, our assisted stretch service helps loosen muscles, improve mobility and reduce the risk of injuries. Also check out our other massage services to see how we can promote your well-being. Right, so you focus on the healthcare provider you have chosen to enjoy your guided stretching benefit program.

When you maintain a stretch until the muscle has a chance to adjust to it, you create that pattern and the muscle’s ability to return to that position faster. Our muscles support the memory of repeated pieces, allowing you to continue growing in flexibility. Active stretching gives your muscles mobility, without affecting performance. It is designed to improve sports performance rather than increase flexibility.

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