The Real Science Behind Ghosts And Spirits

The term is also used for ghosts.The souls of the deceased live in Barzach. Just a barrier in the Koran, in the Islamic tradition this refers to a whole intermediate world between the living and the afterlife. The world, especially cemeteries, are pierced with various gates to the other world or barzakh. Pure souls, like the souls of saints, are treated as Rūḥ, while impure souls seeking revenge are often treated as Afarit.

It turned out that a defective stove filled his house with carbon monoxide and caused auditory and visual hallucinations. The stove was repaired, and the whole family returned to their lives without ghosts. The most common explanation voyance gratuite par tel sans cb sans attente for a ghost sighting is sleep paralysis, sleep specialist Priyanka Yadav told NBC News’ Diane Mapes. The body is naturally paralyzed during REM sleep, but the feeling of paralysis can cause fright if it occurs during wakefulness.

In addition, already existing prejudices, memory and daydreaming contribute to this effect. Have you noticed how scary you get at night after watching a scary movie and going to bed? The belief in ghosts dates back at least to ancient Mesopotamia and seems to have taken root in the collective psyche. But in many cases, science can explain what might seem like a message from beyond. Here are five scientific explanations for encounters with the supernatural.

Pliny describes the haunting of a house in Athens bought by the Stoic philosopher Athenodorus, who lived about 100 years before Pliny. Knowing that the house was supposedly haunted, Athenodorus deliberately placed his desk in the room where the apparition was supposed to appear, and sat there writing until late at night, when he was disturbed by a ghost bound with chains. He followed the ghost outside, where he indicated a point on the ground. When Athenodorus later excavated the area, a chained skeleton was unearthed.

It is claimed that a haunted house is a room that contains the existence of a previous and deceased resident. It is also claimed that they are a vessel for “recording” traumatic or violent events from the past. Obviously, these two theories have never been scientifically proven, however, there is a science behind the shelter. Forget the deceptions, the confirmation prejudices of people who want to believe, and the expectations of an encounter when entering a supposedly enchanted place. All this confuses the investigation of why a person may feel that he is really experiencing a haunting. In a Halloween episode of This American Life, presenter Ira Glass and toxicologist Albert Donnay discovered an ancient ghost story published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology in 1921.

There are two possible reasons why ghost hunters do not find good evidence. The first is that ghosts do not exist and that ghost reports can be explained by psychology, misperceptions, mistakes and deceptions. The second option is that ghosts exist, but ghost hunters don’t have the scientific tools or mindsets to uncover meaningful evidence. Ghost hunters use many creative methods to detect the presence of ghosts, often including psychics.

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