The 10 Critical Car Rental Tips You Need To Know

The second is to allow a representative of the company to take note of the fuel level when picking up the rental car. Return the vehicle with the same amount of gas or you will be charged. The following video will help you calculate the exact amount of fuel needed to return a moving truck. The airports of Palermo, Catania and Trapani have several car rental companies and it is always cheaper to pick up your rental car at the airport rental offices.

It is necessary to return the rental car at the agreed time, because the late costs quickly add up. They may cost you a full day’s rental plus extras if you haven’t notified the company. Depending on the car rental company and location, you’ll likely save money on the daily rate by paying in full when you book a vehicle. Please note that when you pay in advance, if you cancel your booking in case your plans change, changes may apply. The advantage of choosing to pay later when you book your car is that you have the option to cancel free of charge at any time.

It is important to thoroughly check the exterior of the rental car for scratches, dents or other damage and make sure that the rental agent notices any imperfections in the rental agreement. If you feel very cautious, you can take photos as your own documentation. If the damage is not observed or if it causes damage to the vehicle, you will be charged when the vehicle is returned or if you have to deal with a vehicle protection claim. As we said before, some car rental companies do not accept very young drivers at all. However, it is more common for them to charge an additional fee depending on the age of the driver. One of my top car rental tips is to learn how to read reviews efficiently.

Whether you’re flying or not, airports often offer the best selection of rental locations in a city. But that doesn’t mean you have to pick up or drop off your vehicle in any of them. This is because many car rental companies charge extra fees at airports. For example, Avis charges an additional “customer installation fee” of $4 per day for rentals from Charlotte Douglas International Airport. However, pick up your vehicle at another Avis location in the area and you can avoid the annoying costs. However, it is still recommended to have an IDP and some car rental companies may require it.

For example, if coverage costs $20 per day, you can save $280 on a 14-day vacation. If your map covers rental cars, it is best to print this information and keep it with your rental car documents in case of an emergency. We often book our rental cars for road trips through the Auto Europe website. It provides Auto Abo you with options for local and international car rental companies in Sicily, so you can easily compare options, book online and pay for the car in one place. That website always offers us much cheaper deals than and is usually also cheaper than booking directly with rental companies.

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