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By surrounding yourself with sustainable options, you can make your environment more sustainable. This results in a change in their identity and, in turn, their lifestyle. This is because your environment can influence the decisions you make and the habits you create. When your home environment is full of eco-friendly products like coconut shells, you can be much more motivated to lead a completely eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Coconutsy are manufacturers of beautiful coconut shells, candles and cups handmade from recycled coconut shells.

So with every purchase of coconut shells, you can enjoy the fact that not only do you save a coconut shell from waste, but you also help to replant rainforests. As mentioned above, using coconut shells helps save the environment by reducing coconut waste sent to landfills and incinerators. However, this isn’t the only way coconut shells can create a greener soil.

Next year, we don’t plan to plant one tree for every 10 coconut shells we’ll sell; We plan to plant one tree for every bowl of coconut you buy! Our main goal is to plant at least 1 million trees in the coming years. In 2015, while visiting a local market in Bali, he was inspired when he came across painted coconut shell handicrafts.

Made from real coconuts thrown away as garbage, when you eat from these bowls, you are transported to a tropical paradise. Perfect for everything from smoothie bowls to salads and stir-fries, everything looks and tastes Simple Decor better than a coconut bowl. To make a bowl of coconut, ripe coconut shells must be cleaned and the fruit removed. The shells are then cut in half to create a circular shape before being sanded to create a smooth finish.

Living a sustainable life means avoiding the consumption and depletion of natural resources. In addition to advocating for sustainable agriculture, our coconut shells promote sustainability by reusing waste rather than consuming new natural resources. By using discarded coconut shells instead of ceramics, metal, plastic and other materials, these coconut shells prevent raw materials from being depleted. Therefore, these bowls are perfectly suited for a sustainable lifestyle, as they give a new purpose to coconut waste. The use of coconut shells is not only a way of life, but also a way to sustain life on Earth.

They are packaged in FSC-certified recycled paper and plastic is absent from almost all shipments. To combat the carbon created in the final products for our customers, we invest in carbon capture projects to offset 100% of our carbon emissions. In this article, we will honestly discuss what coconut shells are, how they are made, and if there are any food safety concerns for coconut shells and other wooden cookware. Charlotte Ross The slogan of Coconut Bowls is ‘made by nature, handmade’.

Reclaimed and reused, these coconut shells are undoubtedly ideal for those who lead a sustainable, waste-free lifestyle. Coconut shells and spoon are naturally made, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Millions of coconut shells are thrown away and burning coconut shells release carbon dioxide into the environment. Therefore, the coconut bowl spoon is a great savior for the planet and the environment. Reusing coconut shell spoons is a big step forward for the environment as they are reused and reinvested. That said, having coconut shells in your kitchen can also change the way you eat.

Have you ever wondered what to serve in different ways in coconut shells? Well, it’s entirely up to you, but here we give you an overview of what we would normally serve in each of the different beautiful coconut shells we have on offer for you. Next, we sand the outside and inside of the coconut shells to create a smooth finish and finally polish them with virgin coconut oil. One of these goals is to work on restoring forests in Vietnam on a more personal level.

That may sound a little too dramatic, but all things considered, these coconut shells have the ability to help save the environment. They help reduce coconut waste, promote sustainable agriculture and encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle. In addition, they are biodegradable, compostable and completely handmade and prevent the depletion of natural materials.

There are endless colorful and delicious meals to enjoy in your bowls, including stir-fries, sushi, curry, salads, smoothie bowls, desserts, and much more. So imagine, cook and take a photo to join the community #coconutbowls. Shopping locally, consuming seasonal produce and removing pre-packaged food and single-use plastic from our lives are vital to reducing our carbon footprint.