Card Sending History

Since then, the post office has made it its mission to deliver mail to all Americans and get there faster and faster to keep up with the growing nation. From horse-drawn carriages to railroads and pneumatic tubes, here is a brief history of how the post office handed over the post cutii postale bloc in nearly two and a half centuries. The postal service is the largest civilian employer in the country, with approximately 500,000 career workers. The postal service is a self-sufficient non-profit agency that covers most of your expenses through postage and related products.

However, the system linking international settlements around Shanghai and Treaty ports was more efficient. It was the most important international commercial communications system in China. Postal authorities often have different functions than transporting letters. In some countries, a postal, telegraph and telephone service oversees the postal system, in addition to telephone and telegraph systems. The postal systems of some countries allow savings accounts and handle passports.

Shipping costs vary based on the size, weight, and content of your letter or package, destination, and additional taxes and fees from the destination country. There are many types of options, even when you want the package to reach its destination. Transmission of a night flight or other flight will send your package immediately as soon as a flight is available and the recipient’s threshold can be reached the next day. There is also a shipment of one to five days for deliveries that are not really urgent. The forms of the letters generally followed the traditional standards of the time and the places where the correspondence was performed. Aspects such as where to place the elements (storage, letter, farewell / closing, sender’s address, recipient’s address, date, etc.) were somewhat standardized, although generally flexible in practice.

As long as a broadband connection is available, anyone can send an email or fax online. Now there are many exciting new options to do so, some examples are via an online postal, email and fax service. Historically, letters from ancient India, ancient Egypt, and Sumer still existed today, through Rome, Greece, and China. The main objectives of the letters were to send information, news and greetings.

Telegraphs, radio, and phones made a big difference in how information can be transferred. With new technology, we can now communicate almost immediately around the world. While serving Crown, Franklin also established the first rate chart used by email teachers.

In 1505, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Maximilian I established a postal system in the empire and appointed Franz von Taxis to direct it. The Thurn und Taxis family, then known as Tassis, had operated postal services between Italian city-states from 1290 onwards. After the empire was abolished in 1806, the Thurn-und-Taxis Post system continued as a private organization in the seal age before it was included in the postal system of the new German Empire after 1871.

But the lucky cards “are not, as long as there are no threats outside the envelope,” says VanArsdale. The first reference to a letter in the Greek world was written in Homer’s Iliad, sometime in the 8th century BC. C., describes a series of correspondence between King Amasis of Samos and the tyrant Polycrates, c.

In colonial times, post offices were established to carry mail from one side to the other between the American colonies to England. They differed from modern post offices in that they were generally part of local pubs and taverns, places where people generally appear regularly. This was the first route to be built between the colonies and is now known as US Route 1.

Different government benefits can be raised through post offices, and some countries have post offices that collect taxes. Various African postal services help spread various vaccines or medicines to people in need. In modern times, starting in the 20th century, mail has found an evolution in vehicles that use newer technologies to deliver documents, especially through the telephone network; These new vehicles include telegram, telex, fax, email, and short messages . There have been methods that have combined mail and some of these newer methods, such as INTELPOST, that combined fax transmission with night delivery.

The Tang dynasty operated 1,639 post houses, including sea offices, with approximately 20,000 people. The system was administered by the Ministry of War and private correspondence for the network was prohibited. The Ming dynasty was looking for a postal system to deliver mail quickly, safely and cheaply. Adequate speed has always been a problem due to the slow ground transportation system and lack of funds. The network had 1,936 post houses every 60 li along the main routes, with fresh horses every 10 li in the middle.