13 Scariest Thai Horror Movies To Watch

Hollywood isn’t the only place that can make horror movies that keep you on the edge of your seat. There are psychological films that stay with you long after the credit list. And there are more fun and fun movies with a lot of jumping anxiety. Better start preparing your mental state, because you are about to be prosecuted for life. This award-winning horror film follows a wealthy family as they move to Ladda Land, a luxury residential area in the outskirts of Bangkok.

It’s a strange message, but it will definitely be your mantra after watching The Eye from 2002. The Pang brothers and co-writer Jojo Hui have worked out what amounts to a classic ghost story, complete with everything we like about supernatural films. After a car accident in which a mysterious woman is reportedly dead, Tun begins to see spectral images in the images he creates. Believing they are the ghost of the girl they beat, his girlfriend, Jane, searches for answers, but discovers a past that is better left buried. I don’t want to give away too many more controversial elements from the movie, but I’ll just say that Dumpling includes incest, cannibalism and abortion clinics.

Also known as Phobia, 4bia is a four-part Thai horror anthology series released in 2008. The first segment, entitled “Happiness”, is about the correspondence of a lonely girl with an unusual stranger. The second segment, “Tit For Tat”, is about black magic and revenge for a bullied boy from school. The third segment, “In The Middle”, follows a group of friends after a strange kayak accident. The last segment “Last Fright” is a psychological thriller in which a flight attendant flies alone in a cabin with a corpse. DVD Pack for Meat Grinder, a gory Thai horror film This cult classic follows a woman who has been hit by poverty and who opens a noodle position that uses parts of the human body as main ingredients.

Siam Square by Pairach Khumwan is a high school film about urban legends. A group of high school students tries to demonstrate the existence of an urban legend. However, when their plan abandons them, an evil spiral begins to kill them one by one. While this is a horror movie with moments of tension and terror, it is also classified as a teenage romance. It portrays bullying, academic pressure and parenting expectations to show the typical life of a teenager.

He was even selected as a potential candidate for the Academy Awards, but unfortunately he did not make the official selection. Takashi Miike directs a horror film that moves on two axes. The first is the real life of the actors, including the intrigue between them during rehearsals, and the second is the actual play, where the boundaries between the two fade after a while. The element of terror is subtle at first, but as the film ดูหนังออนไลน์ progresses, it takes its usual place in Miike’s images, with a series of grotesque scenes and massacres. One of the scariest movies on this list, with a few twists you won’t see coming until they’re on your face, no collection is complete without it. Sad weather and atmosphere in a house that makes you ask, “You thought this would help?!”It’s like I said I want to escape carnivores to get an apartment on top of a butcher shop.

We recently made a list of 10 Japanese horror movies to watch this Halloween, so we’re doubling up with 10 heartbreaking Thai movies to watch this Halloween. Originally based on a comic strip, The Eyes Diary is a tragic love story about a young man, Nott, who loses his girlfriend in a terrible motorcycle accident, but it doesn’t stop there. The film follows Nott as he volunteers to take corpses out of the remains and reminisce about the bodies he finds hoping to talk to the dead and see his girlfriend again. Communicating with the dead, however, is not all it seems to be, and fear and spirits eventually accumulate to create a terrifying thriller. Although I love streaming services, several foreign films are seriously lacking, especially when the film is older.

Laddaland is another successful Thai horror film that reached the top of the Thai cash register. The film tells the story of a family moving to a new neighborhood called Laddaland. After moving, the family begins to experience strange and supernatural incidents. A pale skin spirit with long tousled hair and a creepy twist on the plot?

Before we start, we need to point out that horror movies are generally the most underestimated genre in the movie arena. Ironically, these are also the reasons why they are successful with a particular audience and why they are critically successful. Oh, you saw the 2005 remake starring Jennifer Connelly and Tim Roth and you don’t think you need to see the original Japanese adaptation of the Koji Suzuki story collection? I would really recommend that you spend time in the 2002 Hideo Nakata movie. You won’t regret it unless of course you hate Asian horror movies that can really scare you. Years later, after returning to her homeland, she is chased by her dead twins.