An Intensive Course For Make-up Artists About Applying Eyeliner

“Covering everything in a dark color is slimming, so you want to keep the dark colors on the top and outer corners of the eyes for lifting and accentuating.” Most of us control the basics when it comes to makeup, things like removing waterproof mascara, where blush needs to be applied and how to cover a grain with the right concealer. Although every type of eyeliner has a good eye shape, Anthony prefers to use waterproof liners. ‘In my experience, waterproof coatings are the right choice with this eye shape.

I would add eyeshadow just above the fold of eye to give a backward look. If you have rounder eyes, you want to get a little softer and create a wider look. I’d use eyeliner to draw along the lash line and just push the outer edge, ”said Cherman.

It works wonderfully on the waterline and is maintained because of the waterproof formula.”She adds,” also works great as a tabbed eyeliner, and the blend tool at the end means you can even use it to create a simple smoked eye.” “For a lowered eye shape, avoid the top cap lining to the outer corner,” says Thomas. “Put your lining a millimeter from your natural outer corner.” Ideal for covering the upper and lower inland water lines.

Apply the coating to the lower waterline, ”says Ashburn-McKissock. After you have finished applying a type of eyeliner to the top line, stop there or else your eyes will look smaller. “Avoid rhyming all your eyes in a dark color unless you have a smoky eye in full swing,” said Ashburn-McKissock.

Mullin names Giorgio Armani’s smooth silk eyeliner as his chosen lining for round eye typing as it becomes smooth as silk and is good for coloring and smoothing lines. When you prepare for some serious hydraulic works on your big day, it’s time to take out the big weapons. Whether you’re sweating on your beach wedding or caught in an unexpected lucky rain shower, Frank Guyton, celebrity tattoo eyeliner makeup artist like Nia Long and Eve promises to keep this Make Up For Ever formula in place. “It’s by far the best sweat-tight, waterproof lining on the market,” he says. “Wherever you put it, it doesn’t move.Guyton recommends combining the lining with the brand’s rom pigments to complete the look. If you want a bold, bridal smoky eye, this lining is your new best friend.