6 Tips For Happy And Healthy Indoor Cats

For example, if you have two cats, that means a total of three litter boxes. A diet that is appropriate for your cat’s age and lifestyle usually provides many of the essential nutrients needed. However, supplements can help promote specific aspects of your cat’s well-being, especially those where felines cat litter box supplies often need extra support, such as urinary tract or digestion. Each furry friend has their own unique needs, so consult your veterinarian when considering cat supplements. A general rule for litter boxes is one for each cat plus another. So if you have 2 cats, you need to have 3 litter boxes.

Thank you for taking the compassionate decision to adopt your cat from the Lawton-Comanche County Humane Society. This adoption is a turning point in the life of your new cat! Whatever stories he/she tells you about his/her past, the best one starts today when he/she goes home with you! While she was our guest, we did our best to keep her happy and healthy.

The PetSafe Scoop-Free automatic litter box automatically removes pet litter from the litter. It is advisable to experiment with different types of litter boxes from the beginning. That way, your furry friend will decide what is an ideal option for their needs. Like humans, cats can develop tartar on their teeth, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Bacteria that accumulate on your cat’s teeth can also enter their bloodstream, contributing to other feline diseases.

You should also provide him with some scratching posts so that he does not scratch his furniture. While you may be tempted to leave your cat outside, the Humane Society recommends keeping cats indoors to protect them from predators, diseases, and injuries. Indoor cats tend to live longer and stay healthier than outdoor cats. Remember to take your cat to the vet at least once a year to be examined and vaccinated.

“The animal is in a vulnerable position when performing those functions,” he says. “They want to be able to look around.” For the same reason, your pet may not be willing to use a box with a cover. To help your cat live its best furry life, Los Angeles veterinarian Jeff Werber offers some helpful tips to pet parents. “It’s crucial to go out on the right foot with the cat’s care,” he says. “Good daily habits are where it starts.” These tips can help you give your pet the love and care it deserves.

Eventually, you’ll graduate to feed them on both sides of a closed door and then try to visit under supervision. Observe their body language at every step of the way so you can separate them if necessary. Install soothing comfort zone diffusers throughout the home and ideally plug one into a power outlet in each room where your cat will spend most of the time. These diffusers release a drug-free, odorless vapor that mimics pheromonase releases to indicate that an area is safe and secure.

This includes routine veterinary care for vaccines, parasite control and dental care; proper nutrition; toilet; and protection against hazards in domestic conditions. It is important to feed indoor cats with canned food. Canned food gives them much-needed fluids and proteins in their diet.

When a cat scratches, the old outer cloak of the nail is torn off and the sharp, smooth claws underneath are exposed. By cutting your cat’s nails every two to three weeks, they remain relatively blunt and are less likely to damage human arms and furniture. Provide your cat with a sturdy scratching post, at least three feet long. The pole should also be stable enough that it does not wobble during use and should be covered with raw material such as sisal, jute or tree bark.

People can also become infected with cave scabies mites and Cheyletiella. Encourage your cat to move by placing scratching sticks throughout the house. Use several options, including horizontal and vertical poles and poles made of different materials, such as sisal rope and cardboard. Place scratching posts near busy areas of the house to give your cat a better chance of using them. Add a scratching post to your favorite place to sleep so you can stretch and flex your muscles and mark your scent. AvoDerm’s wet and dry cat food is a great place to start.