As A Taxi Driver In India, Know Why You Should Buy Company Car Insurance!

Whether it is a private car or a taxi, you are prone to accidents and other road problems. Any unpleasant incident can endanger the driver and passengers and impose financial stress in case of damage to the car. We have access to a wide range of public rental and private taxi insurance for rent, covering all types of drivers. Commercial car: since work-related driving is literally the job description of a taxi driver, commercial car insurance is the first type of policy that every taxi service needs. Protects you against financial losses in a car accident, theft or vandalism related to your own vehicle, third-party vehicles and bodily harm to you and third parties. Due to the high risk profile of taxi services, commercial car insurance within your industry will be more expensive.

As you know, the public rental taxi is the one that can be marked on the streets of the city, while private rental taxis must be booked in an application, such as Uber drivers. Your taxi insurance should cover everything traditional car insurance has to offer, and more. The vast majority of taxi insurance Taxi insurance brokers providers have strict guidelines that you as a taxi driver must meet to ensure that you can drive a taxi. In principle, providers want to ensure that it is not their responsibility. On the other hand, with extensive covers for commercial vehicles, many additional aspects are also covered by the insurance.

Third party insurance only covers liability as a result of an accident involving a third party. Provides unlimited liability coverage for death requests / injuries from third parties as a result of the covered vehicle. In accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act, all taxis, including those used for business, must bear third party taxi insurance to cover damage and losses from third parties. Driving without valid insurance is a criminal offense and will be punished if convicted.

Benefits are also added, such as zero depreciation coverage, unclaimed bonus protection coverage or roadside assistance in a comprehensive plan. Don’t forget to compare the IDV cited by different insurance companies. How it can have a significant effect on the amount of the company car insurance premium.

Your taxi will not be covered by repairs or compensation for damage suffered during work, unless specifically by fire or theft. Completely complete Everything in the above policy is covered, including the cost or compensation for any damage suffered in your taxi, including repairs. If you want to make sure everything is covered, this is the policy you choose. Tax Insurance Level Explained With this in mind, it is important to remember that in most cases you want to opt for full insurance. This is because you have to protect both your customers and the vehicle you are driving.