History Of Photography

The book uses artistic terminology and clearly shows how Talbot understood photography in terms of the painted image. In its first forms, photography was seen as a scientific tool and its first practical use was in botany and archeology. Despite innovations in art photography, this use remained important to photographers such as Eadweard Muybridge, known… Continue reading History Of Photography

History Of The Window Glass

Today, only 10% of all pickled glasses are worn in churches and other religious buildings; The rest is used in residential and industrial architecture. Although stained glass windows are traditionally used in windows, their use has spread to lampshades, Christmas decorations and even simple objects that an amateur can make. After a while, the first… Continue reading History Of The Window Glass

Card Sending History

Since then, the post office has made it its mission to deliver mail to all Americans and get there faster and faster to keep up with the growing nation. From horse-drawn carriages to railroads and pneumatic tubes, here is a brief history of how the post office handed over the post cutii postale bloc in… Continue reading Card Sending History

History Of The Soviet Union

In addition, they tried to accelerate economic growth, which had slowed significantly in Khrushchev’s last years as ruler. After initial success in creating economic growth, unyielding individuals within the party stopped reforms, fearing that they would weaken the party’s prestige and power. The reforms themselves have never been officially abolished, they are simply marginalized and… Continue reading History Of The Soviet Union