20 Best Places To Visit In Dubai

Enjoy refreshments on board as you travel through the rolling sand dunes. Once in the desert you can further explore your area with a camel ride. Or experience the traditional Bedouin culture with henna paint before enjoying a five-star buffet setup in an Arab fortress. La Mer Dubai is one of Insta-friendly seaside destinations with a visit that is one of the fun and free things to do in Dubai.

These entries start at AED 149 for adults and AED 114 for children. And closes at 11pm, but note that the last item is 45 minutes before closing time. It’s a good idea to book tickets long before your visit to get your favorite day and time.

It is now a famous tourist spot that impresses residents and visitors with its simple yet expansive stature, open spaces and patios and refreshing wind towers. In this old museum you will find many old photos, documents, stamps and coins, jewelry and decorative items. Set in the heart of Dubai’s parks and resorts, Legoland https://charterclick.com/ is a family theme park where you can play with Lego bricks and also enjoy slides! Ideal for children between 2 and 12 years old, Legoland is divided into two parks: a Lego park and a Lego water park. Legoland, Dubai consists of nearly forty interactive attractions, twenty slides and more than fifteen thousand Lego models.

If you want to make your stay in Dubai a bit exciting, you should visit this world famous amusement park on the island of Yas. This theme park has a number of attractions and activities that are sure to provide fun and entertainment to everyone of all ages. Located on Crescent Road in the Palm Jumeirah area, this is one of the best 5 star hotels I’ve ever come across in Dubai. This is an iconic place to stay in Dubai whether you are on a honeymoon or on a family holiday in Dubai. From approximately INR 18,000, the price to stay in the viewing room on the Atlantis the Palm terrace goes up to INR 3.95.000. You can take advantage of in-room food, a personal 30-minute training session and free airport transfers along with aquarium dives.

It’s free to enter, but Abra-style parking and water taxis cost more. The park has 4 “Epic Zones”, 3 of which bring Cartoon Networks characters, Marvel Superheroes, Lost Valley dinosaurs to life and the latter is known for offering an exciting adventure in a haunted hotel. There are several multi-sensory adventures, live shows and exciting walks to provide an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for entertainment venues to go to Dubai with the family, Wild Wadi Water Park is the place to go. In any case, Carnival is fun and stimulating attractions in this park, you and your children will have a period of your trip to Dubai.

There are attractions for amusement parks, music concerts, magic shows and comedy shows that both adults and children can enjoy. Go along the coast of Dubai Marina and find a popular place where people gather to relax and drink one or two refrigerators on Jumeirah beach. This is a unique beach destination in Dubai, which is everyone’s favorite . Come here and spend hours roasting the sun in the winter sun with a relaxed and golden view of the sunset and the beautiful Burj Al Arab. There is also a wide range of exclusive spas and hotels near the beach, check in at one of these luxury accommodations in Dubai and enjoy an easy entry and exit from your hotel to the white sandy beach. Burj Khalifa is a multifunctional building with residential offices and apartments, as well as a hotel, restaurant and public observation platform.

Read on and learn about Dubai’s great attractions along with photos. Dubai is known not only for its deserts, adventure parks and resorts, but also for its many shopping centers. Dubai’s famous golden souk is the largest gold market in the world! Located in Deira, this golden souk is the most famous and most visited tourist place in Dubai for its excellent quality and gold designs.

Founded in 2016 in “The Heart of Dubai”, IMG is the city’s first mega-covered theme park with world-class entertainment and amenities. Located on the famous Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, this cartoon theme park extends over 1.5 million square feet of space in the amusement park. Located next to Global Village, this entertainment destination is packed with live shows, exciting attractions, movies and great dining options.

For those who want to have a perfect day with fun with their loved ones, Legoland is one of the best places to visit with a young child in Dubai. Then, on the list of great places and things to do in Dubai, Ski Dubai is included. Ski Dubai is spread over a total area of 22,500 square meters and is one of the best indoor resorts in Dubai. The whole place is covered with snow, giving you the feeling of enjoying activities in the Alps instead of Dubai. Also visit Snow Park while you are there and feel full, take some hot chocolate around the available huts.