Curious New Year’s Traditions In Italy

Wondering if the new year will be mostly positive or regular? One of the oldest customs in Italy is observing the first person you meet on the street in Capodanno (New Year’s Day). Whether you’re an older person or a hunchback, the new year will be full of big surprises. If you know a baby, a priest or a doctor, according to tradition, there may be some bad luck around the corner. Italy and Greece are recognized as the birthplaces of Western culture.

As soon as you taste the meals, you will surely fall in love with Italian cuisine. Traditionally, the main course of the New Year’s Eve dinner in Italy was zampone e lenticchie (pork trotters and lentils). Today, many people prefer cotechino e lenticchie, a sausage made from the meat of the small hand.

I frighten and dispel the evil and hateful spirits that lurk during this transition period from the old year to the new. This custom is still alive in various parts of Italy, including major cities such as Naples and Rome. This ritual symbolizes that you let go of what is useless and that you get rid of the evil that has accumulated during the year, to make room for a new beginning.

As long as you stay quiet on January 1st and don’t plan to travel from city to city that day, you’ll be fine. However, if that’s a travel day for you, book your transport in advance: fewer trains and buses means fewer seats available on each route. The most treno rosso del bernina important event of New Year’s Eve in Rome is undoubtedly what is celebrated in the historic center, on the street. In recent years, the big one has also organized the New Year’s concert, which also includes the countdown of sparkling wine, at midnight.

If your taste is rather refined, Orvieto organizes from December 28 to January 1 the famous Umbria Jazz Winter festival, the Italian jazz event par excellence. International and Italian guests will let the notes of this musical genre resound throughout the city and accompany you into the new year in a suggestive and unique atmosphere. However, the latest anti-covid rules, including the mandatory use of masks outdoors, are much less restrictive than last year’s New Year’s Eve, when all of Italy was in a “red zone” lockdown. The Italian government is banning public New Year’s events amid the rise of covid.

It’s the best destination for shopping, long walks along the old city walls on New Year’s Eve, and exploring old churches. To make your visit to Alghero worthy, observe the beauty of the archaeological museum. Tourists can explore Alghero to witness the beautiful beach, delicious food, the attractive historic center and the sun. Enjoy the New Year’s Eve celebrations with incredible fireworks, an interesting concert, cabaret and more.

To be part of the action, just head to a few hotspots like Circo Massimo, Piazza dell’Emporio, and more. Don’t miss the New Year’s party in Italy’s most fascinating city. NaplesMost tourists come to Naples to celebrate New Year’s Eve exceptionally. Naples is Italy’s largest tourist city and offers visitors an unforgettable experience. From beautiful fireworks to popular musical shows, Naples has everything to enchant spectators.

In Italy, New Year’s Eve is known as a vigil and is also La Festa di San Silvestro, the feast day of St. Sylvester. On New Year’s Day it is called Capodanno, which literally means “head of the year”. For Italians, this time of year is a feast full of rituals, customs and superstitions, and of course lots of food and wine! These are some of the unique New Year’s traditions in Italy. Enjoy music in the medieval town of Orvieto in the winter edition of Umbria Jazz, with concerts from December 28 to January 1 and music throughout the city at various locations or outdoors.

As soon as the clock strikes 12 o’clock, people in Venice kiss, especially in the group of St. Mark’s Square. It is the most unusual tradition of people in Venice followed by captivating fireworks. To take a dip in the icy water, people go to Lido Beach in Venice. Venice’s popular restaurants host special menus and offer large banquets to customers on New Year’s Eve from 9 p.m.