Best Time To Visit Belfast

Echlinville was the first Northern Ireland distillery to obtain a distillation licence in almost 125 years! The park is about 6 miles from Belfast city centre and free parking is available. It is also accessible by public bus and stops less than a 5-minute walk from the park. The public can learn better about the species and has the opportunity to observe them by visiting the RSPB Wildlife Window.

The tour includes the governor’s office, which served as an execution cell where 17 men were hanged, as well as the flogging room and tunnel under Crumlin Road, in which prisoners traveled to court to be sentenced. Opened at its current location to the public in 2016, a guided tour of this floating museum and visitor center provides a wealth of fascinating information about WW1 and the ship’s history. Highlights include audiovisual exhibits, tours of the ship’s fully restored sections, plus educational opportunities that give children the opportunity to have hands-on fun. In addition to a cafĂ© and gift shop, there is a children’s playground and a picnic area on the seafront.

HMS Caroline is located on Alexandra Graving Pier, right next to Titanic Bomb House. There is parking for visitors here and it can also be reached by public bus or hop-on hop-off tour buses. If you are visiting Belfast because of an interest in the RMS Titanic, we recommend checking out our guide to belfast Titanic attractions. This article contains a suggested 2-day itinerary covering all of the city’s major maritime and Titanic attractions. We learned about the history of the city, how the problems began and why the peace walls were built, and they are still being built to this day. Murals painted on walls and memorials in the city are dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Belfast attacks.

One of the most sobering sights I saw were the chain link fences/doors that completely covered the houses and roofs to prevent stones and bombs from hitting the houses thrown on the wall. Bars and pubs also have TSA-like security for entering and preventing attacks. As of today, the walls are still effective with the doors closing at 9 p.m. In Northern Ireland, Game of Thrones employs more people than the civil service. For any fan who wants to get a closer look at the show’s decorations, some companies tour Game of Thrones and leave the city to visit the show’s filming locations.

W5 is about a 25-minute walk from Belfast city centre or a 10-minute walk from Titanic Belfast Museum. Today, many of the now iconic black taxis are still used to give visitors city tours. Most taxi tours focus on political history, issues and political murals, so this is one of the best ways to learn about political struggles in Belfast.

Belfast City Hall is a very impressive building and is a must-see in the heart of Belfast. When it closed in 1996, many believed the infamous Crumlin Road prison would never reopen. The once infamous things to do in Belfast prison has quickly become one of Belfast’s main tourist attractions since its reopening recently in 2012. This is one of the best places to visit to learn about the history of Northern Ireland.

We also include the Titanic Quarter, the former shipbuilding area formerly known as Queen’s Island where the RMS Titanic was built, within this section, as most visitors plan to visit the Titanic Belfast museum. Titanic Belfast can be reached by walking via a 30-minute walk over the bridge from Belfast city centre. All the attractions of titanic Quarter can be reached on foot in 45 minutes, 20 minutes by public bus or hop-on hop-off tour buses. A colourful and dynamic port city with a troubled past, Belfast is a vibrant cultural centre on the east coast of Northern Ireland. Full of vibrant pubs, an eclectic food scene, iconic buildings, boutiques, and a plethora of museums, you can delve into history, science, literature, and more. Each of the city’s neighborhoods tells a story, from the story of one of the world’s most famous ships at the Titanic Museum to stories about the city’s past at the Ulster Museum.

There you will learn how this new greenhouse technology enabled gardeners to grow exotic plant species during the Victorian period. The world’s only titanic guided boat tour, which tells the ever-changing story of Belfast’s rich maritime heritage and industry and how the port has evolved and changed from its industrial shipbuilding roots to a major tourist attraction. The tour covers the history of the RMS Titanic, both old and new in Belfast Harbour, so you can see the Titanic Quarter from the water, giving you the opportunity to photograph and appreciate the vastness of this important industrial age. The Giant’s Causeway is Northern Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction, and for good reason.