Maximize Your Search Engine Power

1. Page Title
give the attention title on the tag title. keep trying to use a words which is to describe your content in your webs. Do not too protrude something stiff, for the example creare site web profesional your community name or working place’s name. if you graft your community’s name in every title pages, it will not make any profit in search engine. but, if you change with the text which describe about content, you will make a lot of profit. especially for everything about search engine.

2. Calculate the number of visitors
The site that called a Good site that can attract many visitors and quality. Especially if you have a permanent visitor stay on your site. To find out how many visitors you, attach counter on your site. By knowing the number of visitors per day from the day, you can learn many things such as the influence of articles, layout, and also be challenged you to increase the number of visitor. You can also install the number of visitors using the script from the search engine toolbar

3. Choosing a web software
If you are a web programmer, the author will not be difficult to build a web, but if you are not a programmer and do not know at all about web programming, you should make a suggested of the software.

You can also use free sites from the search engine. blog can be free too. If you do not want too troublesome to manage, simply use the blog. Because you can operate and administrate it with very simple move.

4. Using professional templates
If you are confused of designing your web, search engine can give you a good web templates. You can get it for free or buy it. Enter a keyword such as “free templates” in search engines such as Google. You will get a lot of the web that provide free templates. With the adoption or use web templates, at least you will reduce your work in the design and you also do not need to stay work in the business of design. But, if you like to design your web, just do it as you like.

5. Web design
Try to make your web design looks clean and clear. Focus on the information, products or services that offered you . Do not too focus on things that make bandwidth full . As background, an animation sometime is unique or funny. Perhaps the visitor will feel funny and interested at the first time, However if you don’t change it for several time, the visitor will feel bored because the animation is not changed yet, which is always the same things. Be careful, because that can make your visitors bored and they think they are only waste they time to visit your sites.

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