How To Plan A Trip To Oktoberfest In Munich

Interestingly, this seemed to be tolerated and, in some cases, actively encouraged by the house gang. Interestingly, we found that the quality of our photos deteriorated significantly over time, and each photo gradually became more out of focus and poorly framed. At the end of our time at Oktoberfest, after several beers each, we discovered that our ability to take decent photos had completely disappeared. If you want to be served quickly and with a smile, don’t be tight when it comes to tipping. An initially high tip will cause the server to keep your thirst quenched. The word “Gemütlichkeit” describes a spirit of warmth, kindness and good cheer.

If you can’t find one, I recommend asking a waitress where you can sit. We arrived at the Spatenbrau tent around 14:00 and the tables oktoberfest were almost full. We found the section unreserved and fluttered around the tables until a waitress took us to an empty place.

Munich Oktoberfest claims to be the biggest folk festival in the world (yes, it’s not just about drinking beer). Indoor table reservations are valid from 16:00. From 11:00 to 16:00 anyone can come by where space is available, but shortly before 16:00 reserved guests must continue.

They appear as gigantic statues that stand high above the crowd, but also as painted symbols that can be found here and there around the Wiesn. Where there is a naked baby with an arrow, you will find a bathroom. I’ve asked everyone I know who I thought might know why this is so: the internet, Germans, Munichites and bupkis. While I don’t fully understand the atmosphere, I understand its purpose and it’s one of the most important at Oktoberfest.

Ashley is a historian and Oktoberfest expert and guide. She is from Memphis, TN and currently lives in Boston with her husband and feline companion. If you’re afraid of being the only one wearing Oktoberfest clothes, you’ll quickly realize you were completely wrong. The vast majority of Oktoberfest visitors wear traditional clothing. It’s the people in jeans and t-shirts that stand out here. It can only be booked for certain times of the day.

For example, most full meals cost €12 to €20, and beer usually costs €12 to €13. It’s best to bring cash to the festival to make sure the waiters can accept your payment. Remember that your online payment apps won’t work with most stores in Germany.

Each of them was in their eighth liter of beer and none of them expected to have a hangover the next day. If you’re at tables, security can kick you out. If you want to get a better view or feel the need to get more attention, stand on the benches.

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