Destructoid Discuss! Should We Collect Video Games?

If things are quite cheap in the charity store or online, you tend to refurbish the items without wondering if you need them or not. You’ve been playing video games since you were a kid and now you want to start collecting some of those games you remember so much. This article will answer these questions for you and you are ready to start your own video game collection. More and more copies of games are being pressed and it is becoming easier to get hold of them.

Tens of thousands of collectible game products are launched each year, while many of those in recent years have grown in value. I’ve been collecting video games and memorabilia for most of my life, and I’m here to pass on my knowledge to you. When you’re ready to start collecting, be sure to learn about the video game collectibles market. Are there any specific games you want to add to your collection, regardless of their potential monetary value in the future, but simply because they bring you joy?

Video game collection is the hobby of collecting and preserving video games, video game consoles, and related memorabilia. Most video game consoles and their games are considered collectibles years after they shut down due to their functional longevity and cultural significance. Collectors usually limit their search to games with features they like, such as being released for a specific video game console, being of a certain genre, or containing a specific character. If you’re like me, when you start collecting video games and consoles, you’re just buying what you think is a good deal.

Don’t feel like you can’t dive into different angles of the game’s spectrum, but you’ll find that it’s best to zoom in on one or two general themes. Aside from my comics, I think my NES/SNES/GBA collections were what I was most proud of when I was young. When I went to other consoles and had to start paying for the games myself, I found myself ready to trade my old games for better ones. For a while, I did it in pawnshops, then I discovered Electronics Boutique and it destroyed all the old games I own. I literally don’t have any titles for my PS1, like 8 for my original Xbox, and a bit for the Dreamcast because of that. Still, I’ve locked up a few old walleye that I can’t get rid of.

I have seriously found that recording everything I own is a fun and rewarding experience. I feel like I have a better understanding of what I own, what I’ve paid for, and what awaits me as I continue to buy, collect, and play video games. Have a general idea of what very rare or expensive games are for the systems you collect for.

It doesn’t take much at all to start collecting video games, you probably already have games at home. I’m sure you’ll want to expand it to other games, so you’ll have to decide what you want to collect. Many gamers decide they want to start with their favorite video game system when they were younger, maybe the NES or Super Nintendo Collect Video Games or even the Atari 2600. Others focus on the darkest consoles with many rare games like the Sega Saturn or the Atari Jaguar. Maybe you want to collect role-playing video games or some other genre. However, there are tens of thousands of video games to choose from, so it’s important to have a direction when you start.

Always check that the old consoles you buy work well before you buy them, as the failure rate is much higher on a 20-year-old console, especially disc consoles that tend to drop the disc drive’s laser eye on them. If a seller can’t check if the console is working, they significantly lower the price so that the risk is worth a little more. Although the digital age has somewhat ruined the collection of games for the current generation and the latest generation, this rule still applies. Collecting games on the current generation of consoles is fine, but I still recommend starting a collection for a specific console after that console’s lifespan ends.

However, this can often be worth it, as your competition is limited to people in the same place. Some game stores sell empty boxes without play and manuals in bulk for cheap. Having a full video game in the box with the manual usually doubles the value, especially with cartridge-based games originally shipped in cardboard boxes that people usually threw in the trash after purchase.