Choosing The Right High LED Bay For Your Application

For years, warehouse, industrial, commercial and recreational environments have relied on high-rise lighting in spaces with ceilings ranging from 20 to 45 feet high to provide ample light. High bay LED bulbs enhance conventional lighting options, including metal halides, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent lamps, in many ways. UFO High Bays – Named stadium floodlights for their resemblance to a stereotypical UFO, these round fixtures are the dominant lighting option for warehouses, workshops and other industrial areas. Their popularity is due to several key factors that make them an excellent choice, including exceptional durability, high lumen output, and a compact design that is easy to set up and install.

The table below highlights the common HID power ranges for high bays and how they match modern LED technology to help with the selection process. Today’s high round bays, which rely on LED technology, can outperform metal halide in every aspect. Half the operating cost, double the lifespan, all brightness and after 50,000 hours they will still emit at least 70% of their original nominal lumens. LED technology also allows for a reflector-free design, making the accessory case more compact. We have a wide selection of round LED high bays to meet any ceiling height and application requirement.

These lamps not only required a lot of energy, but also a lot of time to heat up. However, because the metal halide lamps had a beam angle of 360° and the luminaires had added reflectors, a lot of light was wasted and shone upwards. With LED lamps, this is not a problem because the directionality of the lamps controls the total amount of light where it is needed.

Under 12 feet, lighting fixtures such as wall packages and reflectors are common. Retailers and manufacturers need brighter lights at lower levels than warehouses and recreation centers, which are used for direct storage. Also, consider the size of your space and the color of the walls before choosing the right lighting.

This color temperature projects a cold white illumination that mimics environments during the day. This is ideal for general lighting of warehouses, production facilities and other commercial spaces that require precise lighting. This color temperature also works best with higher CRI lighting, as it is the most natural of all color temperatures.

Many people opt for tall UFO LED bays in favor of a lighter and slimmer design. As the name suggests, ‘UFO’ refers to the round shape of this high bay style. These compact and aesthetically pleasing luminaires incorporate the latest LED technology and high-quality light output, essential for today’s commercial and industrial applications. High bay LED bulbs come in many shapes and sizes, each of which offers different light qualities and coverages to meet your needs.

You would then have to calculate how many accessories they need to meet the requirements of your application, which depends on the number of lumens produced by each accessory. The height of off-floor luminaires will also play a role in this, because the higher a floor lamp, the higher the power requirement to provide sufficient lighting. 4000K – 4000 Kelvin LED bulbs project a natural color light commonly found in workspaces.

Large bay linear LED luminaires provide uniform and uniform illumination. They are ideal for illuminating larger interior applications with high ceilings, usually above 25 feet, including warehouses, commercial spaces, factories and sports facilities. The large amount of floor-ceiling space requires a linear high LED bay with a lumen output high enough for bright, quality light to focus down and out of the fixture.

With three size options and eight lumen packs, the AEROBAY® is designed to replace metal halide accessories up to 1000W and can be mounted up to 60 feet. Not only does this equate to less spending over time on replacement bulbs, but it also means spending less time replacing bulbs.

In addition to the ceiling height, there are many more factors to consider when choosing high and low bay lighting fixtures. These include energy efficiency, accessory shape, light color temperature and cost. The first step is to look at the power of your existing metal halide lamps and find the right LED replacement. Because LED bulbs are more energy efficient than traditional high bays, they don’t consume as much energy and can produce the same amount of brightness over a longer period of time. These lamps would be most suitable in warehouses, factories and hangars. Linear high bays: These long LED tube fittings are popular in applications that require high bay lighting that sprinkles over a larger area than a normal UFO light.

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