Choose An English School

I loved the international vision on every topic we’ve learned. New York City is definitely a great city for learning English. Moreover, this school seemed the most diverse, ingilis dili kurslari with people from all continents. Many language schools only have students from Europe, etc. The diversity of this school makes it fun, interesting and good to study.

I spent a beautiful year at this school with great classmates and great teachers. In my opinion, NYEA is a good place to learn, teachers are excellent at their job. And I recommend anyone who wants to learn and speak English to learn in NYEA. From day one they received me warmly and helped me adjust quickly.

We can guarantee that you will make friends from all over the world. We currently have students from Japan, Turkey, Colombia, Paraguay, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Belarus, Spain, Argentina, France, Peru, Chile, Slovakia and Bulgaria! With so many English schools on the island, students planning an English learning trip to Malta have many options. However, the wide variety available to students can sometimes be challenging when it comes to deciding the perfect language school to meet needs. In our experience, our students have all the necessary skills to do business in their native language. They have the knowledge of all the communication skills needed to do their job.

I am very happy with my choice and thank NYEA for this unforgettable experience. I like this school because I really learned a lot here in a few weeks. This school gave me the confidence to speak, understand and everything I need to have good conversations in English.

Your local school district may need additional math courses. For more information on the algebra exemption process, please visit the Algebra graduation requirement I Frequently Asked Questions. The course offers 20 general English lessons, aimed at reading, writing, speaking and listening. There are eight specific commercial English lessons, which aim to build a business vocabulary. In addition, you have seven additional sessions to take advantage of the formal lessons.

Supported by a team of world-class academic and technical experts, plus 2,000 certified online English teachers, our mission is to use technology to create a fundamentally better way to learn English. Learning a new language is of course a long-term project and you cannot start all over again and write an academic article a week later. But by building on a solid foundation, you can quickly achieve great results if you are committed intensively. Especially for exams like the IELTS, you really need to know what questions are asked, what the formats look like and how you handle the respective tasks. Try to stay focused and improve certain parts, rather than frantically trying to catch up at once. Let’s face it, academic expressions don’t just fall from the sky and directly into your brain.

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