Best New Year’s Eve With Kids At Home Celebrations For 2022

From Candy Land, to Monopoly, enjoy hours of fun ringing in the New Year. The setup is NYC at times square and the goal is to solve the murder mystery before the ball drops. This party is great for teens who want something new and exciting for New Year’s Eve, but aren’t ready for a night on the town. feliz año nuevo 2022 Travel fever has your whole family itching to explore new places, so bring the world to your home! The first New Years’ celebrations begin in the Pacific Islands around Noon and last until 7 am on January 1. Use the in-between time to learn more about other culture’s New Year’s traditions.

Play a few Greek folk games during your Greek New Year’s party portion of the evening. Have everyone bring their favorite book, then read them aloud together. If your Christmas tree is still up, re-decorate it as a New Year’s wish tree. Cut stars from construction paper and let kids write down the things they wish and hope for this year, then hang them on the tree. Add colored balloons and lots of curly ribbon to make it even more festive.

Pass out party gifts or balloons to anyone who drives by to say hello. The Spirit of Philadelphia hosts an early-evening dinner that offers a stellar view of the 6 p.m. Fireworks show over the Delaware River waterfront. Families are invited to climb aboard beginning at 4 p.m.

Most parents would prefer that their kids were home and safe having a fun time with friends. If the weather permits, go outside and light sparklers and watch fireworks as you hoop and holler celebrating the new year. Reflect on the past year and make resolutions together. Around midnight or throughout the night in general, you and your family can gather together and reminisce over where the past year has taken each of you individually, and as whole family. After, make and share resolutions for the New Year and what you hope to achieve. You can even try to make a resolution as a family and be each other’s accountability partners.

For older kids, tie a balloon around each person’s ankle, then let everyone try to pop each other’s balloons. For younger kids, just blow up a bunch of balloons and let everyone loose trying to pop as many as they can in a certain amount of time. Make dinner together, or a snack or treat later on in the evening.

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