7 Ways To Get Professional Quality Video From Your Smartphone

Most phone camera applications have the option to enable grid lines when you go to camera settings, where you have vertical and horizontal networks on the screen while shooting. Another problem you may encounter when using multiple video cameras to shoot a scene is ending with clips that don’t look the same in terms of exposure. The same scene may look darker on one camera and brighter on the other. This is true if you don’t set the same exposure settings as your frame rate, ISO levels, and aperture. These represent exact opening values, rather than the more theoretical f-stop value on regular photo lenses.

With YouTube’s “Creator Studio” you can also download free music without lyrics. A good video requires more than merging your travel photos into a series. That way, your friends will understand why you chose the photos and what the experience meant to you. Your script doesn’t have to be tedious or complicated, it just has to sound natural. You don’t need luxury equipment to make a simple travel video; your iPhone or smartphone will. And although Flip Cam devices were recently discontinued, brands like Kodak () and Samsung (/ us) still make solid pocket camcorders for around $ 150.

The camera shoots in 6K but is reduced to a 4K format, giving me sharper images than the more traditional 4K format. The lens is also good for general purposes, with a wide enough angle for the landscape, zoom far enough away for a close-up of people without them noticing. For example, the purpose of my travel videos is to inspire people to visit the country through beautiful visual and authentic interaction and by transferring the energy I gained from the country through image and sound. My videos are not intended to be informative, and therefore the kinematic and fast-cut style is best suited for my video.

If you are going to record a video clip, commercial or short film, you have much more freedom to plan your entire video production from start to finish. To really do it as professionals, create your own graphic script with successive illustrations of your scenes. This helps you preview your final images and draw the desired images. It will serve as your guide during filming and editing, and can help you determine the perfect time of day to shoot, desired locations, and the right cameras to use before filming. Many companies want to step up their video marketing, but saying it can be intimidating would be an understatement.

While some standard camera applications try to reduce the effects of backlighting, you should also try to reduce the effects on your side. You may be able to see people and their faces when they are backlit, but your smartphone camera generally cannot and will not make images with bright light that halves a dark figure. That figure also has no visible characteristics, which means you missed what you were trying to capture.

If you haven’t made a particular recording the way you want, or if you want to focus on a specific theme in the scene, you can cut a 4K video without “losing” quality in the latest 1080p version. However, you need an editing application that allows you to cut and compress videos for this. Smartphones, as you can see, are equipped with LED lighting that is too bright and can easily bias the color temperature of photos. If you want to record a photo at night, you must find another light source.

And especially when filming with a webcam, make sure there is a light source for your computer so that it is well lit. The less you move your phone, the more professional and smooth your video will be, so be careful not to distract your viewer with a nervous video. We recommend that you buy a basic tripod with a smartphone holder to take stable photos that do not wear your arms. If you only need something small to put on your desk, a GorillaPod works very well. Always turn your phone horizontally to film in horizontal mode unless you have a specific reason not to (as you specifically shoot for Instagram).

You’ll be amazed at how long 15 seconds of video really seems when you watch it again, and if much shorter clips are cut, the video will feel more engaging and professional. Think of your recording first: Your experience should be engaging and interesting, but not too busy. Then put your talent on your recording and adjust your tripod to film Video monetization platform at eye level. Frame your shot just above the waist, leaving enough headroom to keep your subject from looking insignificant or impressive. For a piece in front of the camera, your talent must be in the middle of the painting with your shoulders in front. Recording on cloudy days is much better than recording video in bright sunlight.