3 Ways To Decorate Your Home

This effect is only enhanced when you have spread it on four walls. For that reason, it is never a good idea to commit to a paint color when you first see the chip in a store. Look at the largest chip you can get in the room you plan to paint, at least.

With just a little carpentry, you can install curtain bars and add beautiful curtains that perfectly match your furniture. Look for curtains that have a lot of color or pattern to brighten up your room. If you work in a room that you want to keep dark, you can add curtains or curtains that darken the room in dark tones to block light. If you’re trying to make a space look bigger, add light-colored and structured curtains.

You can organize them all in an organized square or spray them through the wall for an eclectic effect. 3DPhoto / Shutterstock Contemporary design is the scarcest and most minimalist design styles. Color selection is normally reduced to black, white or gray with primary color accents. A new coat of paint is not the only DIY you can use to brighten up a monotonous space. Maintaining your kitchen cabinets gives them a completely new look and does not over-set your budget, says interior designer Blima Ehrentreu, CEO of The Designers Group. “We often make two shades with our kitchen design,” she says.

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For example, a painting or carpet can inform the color scheme with which it works. Or if you fall in love with a quirky find from a thrift or antique shop, you can set the tone, style or mood for your entire room if you want. Make sure to try different options for each of your pieces: more than one sofa, pillows, rugs, coffee tables, lamps, etc.

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