21 Epic Things To Do In Egypt For First Time Visitors!

Discover the beauty of Egypt, the majestic Pyramids of Giza, sail an incredible journey across the Nile and discover the richness of the monuments and temples in Luxor and Aswan. Relax in the beautiful Siwa oasis, immerse yourself in the Red Sea with its blue waters and the incredible coral reefs in Sharm El Sheikh and enjoy moments on an unforgettable journey. We offer you a special selection of honeymoon packages in Egypt with special trails for couples who want to celebrate love so you can enjoy these important dates and create great memories with your partner. The fantastic coral reefs and tropical fish of the Red Sea form the basis of tourism from Sinai to Marsa Alam, while the Mediterranean coast has sunken shipwrecks and ancient ruins to explore. All this makes Egypt an excellent place for diving, in a holiday package or in local diving centers. Many people learn to dive here, obtaining a PADI certificate, BSAC or CMAS.

One of the ways to improve this trip to the museum is to hire a guide to show you around. Believe us, there is no better museum in the world for ancient history and spending money on a guide will only contribute to the memories. The Egyptian coast of the Red Sea is known for the city of Hurghada, which has many fun things to do in Egypt in December. The breathtaking scenery here, complete with coral reefs, crystal clear waters and sand coast, is the perfect place for diving and snorkeling.

For the less rushed trip, book a night tour with breakfast, a hotel room and pick up / down from Cairo. Now known as Mit Rahina, the city is home to a variety of temples, pyramids and graves, many of which are completely free to visit. For our trip to Egypt we hired the company Egypt Tailor Made. For most of our visit we had a driver and guide / Egyptologist. We traveled in a private group, our guides were knowledgeable and entertaining and we learned a lot from it.

Their first stop is the Colossi de Memnon, two 17 meter high statues on the west bank of Luxor. Cut from granite blocks, they represent Pharaoh Amenhotep III and were once part of an impressive colonnade. Continue towards the spectacular royal cemetery of the Valley of the Kings. Buried under the barren hills, here are more than 60 richly decorated Pharaoh graves. Explore with your leader this vast and spectacular place, where the New Kingdom pharaohs were secretly buried forever and where discoveries are still made.

For explorers, there is the National Museum, the catacombs and the huge library of Alexandria, where you can read about the history of Egypt. Seafood in Alexandria is known for its variety and taste, so don’t forget to try some fresh squid during your stay. Egypt is a beautiful place with rich pale historical, archaeological and ontological sites to feel and experience.

During this 5-day tour in Cairo and Alexandria you will visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Coptic and Islamic monuments in ancient Cairo, next to the famous monuments of Alexandria. Egypt is known for having thousands of adventurous activities, but the adventures of Cairo should be at the top of the list. In Cairo you try new things, you discover new places and you have fun in a completely Luxor day trips Hurghada different way. As you read this blog, you will discover all the fun activities not to be missed… The Nile flows more than 4,000 miles north through Africa and on the banks it is one of the greenest and most fertile countries on the entire continent. It has been supplying water to people and crops in Egypt for thousands of years and is inexorably intertwined with Egyptian history.

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