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Sun exposure leads to premature ageing of the skin, known as photo-ageing. If you want proof, compare the skin on your hands with that on your buttocks. The need to protect the face is critical. The face is one of the only body parts that receive year-round sun exposure and often the site of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma skin cancers.

By using a daily sunscreen along with your mineral make-up, you can provide your skin with the protection it needs to maintain a healthy, luminous appearance.

First line of defense: Sunscreen

Mineral make-up is offering flawless coverage, based on natural titanium and zinc oxide, mineral powders offer sun protection and are the only cosmetics endorsed by dermatologists for wear after treatments such as micro-derma-brasion and skin cancer. Some providing SPF 25 sun protection”

However, women don’t apply enough to actually receive the sun protection promised on the label.

The Skin Cancer Foundation does endorse certain mineral make-up products with its official seal of approval. However, industry experts insist that, regardless of the labels, these products just don’t provide adequate protection. Consequently, mineral make-up should never serve as your first line of defense against sun damage. Mineral make-up with SPF can enhance your protection if layered over a sunscreen product. If you love how mineral products enhance your complexion, by all means, enjoy using them.

Second line of defense: Mineral make-up:

For a beautiful complexion, Mineral Make up offers excellent coverage and hide redness and dis-colouration. The powder is loose or pressed powder consisting of natural inorganic minerals such as white clay, Boron Nitride Ring, mica, talc, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The natural minerals are water-resistant and “bond” to the skin, they won’t wash away, smear or “melt” when you sweat or when rain or snow lands on your face – making mineral make-up ideal as a sunscreen supplement.

For incidental exposure, mineral make-up used without a separate sunscreen is fine if the make-up’s SPF is at least 15, and when you’re planning to stay out in the sun for longer than 15 minutes, apply the powder on top of sunscreen, it will probably catch any spots you may have missed.

What’s the best way to keep your skin looking radiantly healthy and young as you age?

Keep applying sunscreen every day! Most people are unaware of the dangers of UV rays in the wintertime and often sun-protection is overlooked

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