How To Choose The Best Watch For Men And Women

Compared to a metal strap watch, the leather wristwatch is also lighter. The most common options are metals, such as gold or silver, leather or plastic. Some materials are naturally more durable than others; leather can break more easily than metal. You can customize the metal bands by having a jeweler or watchmaker remove a link. LARSEN & ERIKSEN watches come with a metal strap or genuine leather.

On the contrary, wristwatches with gold or rose gold case are the best choice for women with warm skin. If you go for a slim look, then a leather strap is an optimal choice. Even if they are as wide as leather, a metal band is bulkier and will always be used heavier. There are exceptions, including an ultra-thin Milanese metal band. Leather and fabric straps have the added benefit of easy adjustment, as you just need to find the right hole for the right fit. With metal bands, you’ll probably need to go to the jeweler to add or remove the straps when sizing for the right fit.

In general, metal watch straps are considered more elegant and formal, while straps are more informal and suitable for various functions. A high-quality watch is an important accessory and an expensive addition to your outfit. It makes a statement about yourself and your personal style and is a great way to show your personality and taste.

By researching watch brands, deciding what material and style you like best, and setting a budget, you’ll find a watch that’s perfect for you. Watch manufacturers started making them with removable straps and added a few different straps to the packaging. Big brands will offer the standard leather straps in black and get two other colors. The age of the user will significantly influence the style they choose and the color.

Let our expert jewelers help you find a watch that’s your perfect size and budget, or check out our watch buying guide for Mento to find a slim, proportional piece. While there are so many incredibly designed luxury watches on the market, unfortunately, not all of them will look their best on your wrist. Knowing the size of your wrist and which shapes look best is an essential part of buying a designer watch.

Every LARSEN & ERIKSEN watch is unisex and all available collections and sizes are designed for everyone. If you buy the watch online, measuring your wrist can be helpful so you can conclude which size to choose. When you buy our watches online, we also offer free shipping and returns so you can order a watch, try it on and return it if it is not the right size. The material of the watch band also determines the overall size and proportions of the watch.

Many people opt for watches with a sturdy titanium case and scratch-resistant dial covers. Also, look for screwed crowns and high water resistance ratings to keep the elements away. If you are interested in watches with wristbands, it is better to choose the bracelet material that is the same as the case material.

You should also make sure that the letters or numbers, the size of the watch diameter and the size of the band look proportional to your wrist. You can go to the next step, which is measuring your wrist for a more accurate choice. Sports watches: Active sports take their toll on a watch and these styles are durable and designed for activity.

Buying a watch for ladies can be very easy by following the tips shared in the post. Some women prefer leather straps, some metal body in the form of a bracelet and the list goes on and on. With online purchases from a popular website, one can apply different filters such as price, type, color and much more. The price of the filter makes it easy to choose the best watch from a wide range of options available. If you’re not sure which tone finish to choose: gold or silver, consider the tone of your other jewelry and the metal accessories on your belts, bags, and shoes. The golden rule is to opt for a metal band watch in gold finish in case of doubt.