Advantages And Disadvantages Of Becoming A Doctor

EyeCare Partners knows how important it is to ensure that our new hires are ready for success, and we provide the training to ensure that. The training process is tailored to the needs of each employee, each office, and the role within that office. For those who use our EHR system, we have hands-on training with one of our experienced users. For other positions, we have hands-on training, as well as intranet support and tutorials. In addition, as a healthcare organization, the security and privacy of the information of our patients is of the utmost importance.

If you decide to work in a specialty, such as neurology, your salary may be much higher. It’s not uncommon for someone working in this field of medicine to earn more than $700 an hour. Even if some of that income goes to the hospital or clinic where you work, you’ll find that being a doctor is one of the most lucrative careers available today. A doctor’s salary can give you a big house, a good car, fashionable clothes, and a good education for your children.

Additional coverage can be purchased through supplemental and dependent life plans. From family medicine and women’s health services to pediatric care, our team of primary care professionals is here to support you and your family. Air Force physicians can provide their patients with the highest quality of care by staying abreast of the latest innovations in the medical field. We offer you a wide range of funded educational and career expansion opportunities so that you continue to grow as a professional and leader.

An important disadvantage of general practice is the relatively low income. Although medicine is a field well recognized for its generous salaries, family physicians earn less than doctors in more specialized fields. A July 2011 article in the journal “Modern Healthcare” collected and analyzed 16 key surveys on physician salaries. By comparison, average anesthesiologist salaries ranged from $341,583 to $520,000, and orthopedic surgeons earned $378,062 to $576,350. General surgeons reported average incomes of $312,310 to $431,347 per year.

Getting a job as a physician requires medical school test scores, excellent undergraduate training, and preferably some volunteer experience in a hospital or clinic. As for personal traits, doctors device industry news need to be smart, good for patients and able to work at a high level under immense pressure. But for those who have the passion and drive, it can be one of the most rewarding careers.