What Is Suction Cup Therapy?? Advantages And Applications

The detoxifying effect of Cupping on the skin and circulation is also significant, with a visible improvement in skin color after three to five treatments. The suction cup removes toxins and improves blood flow through veins and arteries. Especially useful for athletes is the potential of suction cups to illuminate muscle spasms.

In dry suction cups, the caregiver soaks some alcohol material, turns it on and places it in the cup to remove oxygen. In wet suction cups, the caregiver pierces the skin slightly to draw a small amount of blood and then places the cups on the patient’s body. In wet suction cups, also known as “hijama”, the practitioner puts the cups on the skin before making piercings or needle cuts. After a few minutes of suction, the cup is removed so that the professional can infuse small cuts on the raised skin to release blood and toxins. The therapist can use pressure to accelerate blood flow before placing another cup on the site for a few more minutes.

A therapeutic treatment for the suction cup includes heating and placing cups, usually made of glass, on the skin. Heating the air in the cup creates a vacuum and when applied to the skin, the tissue is inserted into the cup. This increases blood flow, releases the fascia or connective tissue and is believed to stimulate healing. It is similar to how deep tissue massage can be used to break scar tissue and reduce pain.

Let’s move forward quickly to today and suction cups have become a very popular form of alternative medicine. The time it takes to experience the benefits of suction cup therapy is unknown and may depend on the specific condition. For example, the 2018 review suggested a possible protocol for low back pain of five sessions of dry suction cups with a 3-7 day break between sessions. The wet suction cup involves piercing the skin before the suction starts, removing some of the person’s blood during the procedure. This type of suction cup is less common in the United States, where professionals must have a permit for medical professionals.

Instead of putting pressure on muscles, suction is used to lift the skin and muscles. If you’ve been interested in trying a suction cup therapy, here are nine benefits to expect. Once suction has occurred, the cups can be moved gently through the deep tissue massage skin (often called “sliding puppies”). Medical massage oils are sometimes applied to improve the movement of glass cups along the skin. Sucking on the cups ensures that the skin and the superficial muscle layer are lightly pulled onto the cup.

The process involves the use of heated or suction cups, except before the cups are applied, small punctures are produced on the skin surface. Once the cups are placed over the cups, the suction force draws blood from the penetrating plates. Cutouts can increase blood circulation in the area where the cups are placed. The main principle is to create a wave of blood flow under the cup to bring in fresh, oxygen-rich blood cells along with white blood cells and receptors to relieve pain so that local healing can take place. Originally from China, suction cup therapy is an ancient and universal practice with a rich usage history that includes both East and West. Cutting is a healing method that uses suction to create negative pressure to move the skin away from the underlying tissues.

Just stand still and have your certified suction cup therapist apply this therapy can have positive effects on your health. The suction cup is similar to receiving a deep tissue massage because it provides muscle relief. Windy therapy helps increase the pressure on tight muscles and provides a relaxing experience. Combined with being quiet in a quiet environment, the process can be extremely relaxing. In the 1950s, Chinese and Russian doctors and scientists conducted extensive studies to determine the effects of suction cup therapy and found that strong suction was in fact clinically effective and beneficial.

The reduction has even shown positive effects when used to relieve cancer pain compared to pharmaceutical drugs. By creating suction and vacuum pressure, you can smooth and strengthen tight muscles, loosen adhesions and remove limiting connective tissues. It can be used to move deep inflammation to the skin surface to release it and drain excess fluid and toxins by opening the lymphatic pathways.

Since suction cups also help reduce inflammation in the body, athletes can expect an improvement in their blood flow, which in turn is beneficial when it comes to boosting their body’s immune system. TCM teaches that it is the stagnation of qi and blood that causes pain and illness. The suction cup stimulates the local blood circulation of qi and blood in the area to be treated, so that swelling, pain and tension are resolved. From a Western physiological perspective, the suction cup loosens the connective tissue or fascia and stimulates blood flow to the surface. Cutting stimulates tissue relaxation and better cell-to-cell communication. Research by the American physiologist and acupuncturist Helene Langevin has documented changes at the cellular level using an ultrasound camera.

Increased blood flow allows your body to wash away toxins, restore lymph circulation and help wash away edema, reducing scars. Studies have shown the positive effects of suction cups on stretch marks and scars, even in areas far from the area where the cups are applied. By sucking the cups, the circulation to the area where the cups are placed is increased.