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The consent of both living parents must be given when applying for the name change of a minor. If a parent is not part of the child’s life, that is. not present to give their consent, they must be notified by registered mail of the hearing. The signed registered receipt or green receipt must be presented before the hearing or presented at the hearing to demonstrate that the father has received the notification.

After the name change, the court issues a new birth certificate with the name changed. They can accept the name change or they can order a specific problem indicating that they cannot change the child’s name. A special guardian is appointed to represent the child, even if both parents agree to change the child’s name. The family court will hold a hearing at which the GAL will report the results of its investigation into the child’s name change.

If you request a name change as a single parent in California, you must provide the other parent with a copy of the documentation at least 30 days before the date of the court. A mother or father cannot change a child’s last name alone or himself unless he or she is the only person with parental responsibility. Even then, if the other parent objects, a court order must be issued.

If you want to ask the judge to change your child’s name without the other parent’s permission, you must be a caring parent. If the other parent has joint legal authority and does not agree to sign the petition, they cannot change their child’s name. Before a court allows your name change, you should likely show proof of your previous name, such as a birth certificate or are there restrictions on name changes an old passport. In most states, a judge wants to ensure that your name change is for a valid purpose and does not commit fraud. In some states, you can easily start using your previous name consistently and request that it be changed in all your personal information. In other states, you must complete some documents and obtain a court order to prove your name change.

If only one parent signs, leave the other signature lines empty. Do not sign the petition until it has been presented to a notary. Ask the registrar if there is a county-specific newspaper to use when placing the hearing. Sometimes the registrar places the notification for a reasonable fee for himself. Otherwise, download and complete the hearing notification on the name change form. The advertisement must be published in the newspaper at least thirty days before the session date.

(District courts only keep data for a few years.) The name change procedure of each court is different. A child’s birth certificate is one of the most important documents you can provide. It not only gives your child a name and date of birth, but also identifies parents of citizenship and birth.

Also, gender rules for a child’s last name do not have the same influence as in previous times, because many children today have same-sex parents or were raised by a single parent. The other parent should receive legal notice of their child’s name change, even if the other parent is not listed on their child’s birth certificate. As a parent, you have the right to comment on important decisions involving your children. Naming your child and giving your last name is one of these decisions.

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