Expert Series – A Great Way to Reach More Buyers and Make More Money

Are you looking for ways to sell more of your e-books by entering the big market and being considered a leading expert? Of course, writing e-books is a great way to be an expert, but market coverage can be questionable.

Enter the expert line. Working with experts is a great way to gain trust instantly, enter a big market and generate income. It’s also a great process to create lists. By collaborating with the right experts for your market, you are more likely to compile a responsive list. Responsive listing means more sales on your offer.

If you position your experience, you expand your capabilities on many levels, and other experts are very willing to work with you.

In fact, it is much easier than most people think to find experts willing to participate in the series, especially if you position the opportunity as a win-win for all participants.

Who to interview

Interview someone you want to know about your market. You can explore your market to find out who these people are. Make a “wish list for experts.” If there are three to twelve experts on your list, please contact them.

Plenty of experts

In almost all industries, there are experts who would like to be interviewed. Considerations should include:

Who has something to offer your market?
Who can markets be divided with?
Who do you want this material to be used in the product?
Find experts

There are a lot of places where you can find experts. They can be as close to your backyard as possible. Start here:

Your own circle of influence
Your social networks
Search the Internet

Conferences are a great way to find experts to collaborate. Whether you’re approaching a coordinator, speaker, or visitor, nothing beats these types of networks. However, it is absolutely necessary to respect their time and space. It can be very unpleasant when countless people address the speaker at the conference, who “need only five minutes of your time to present an idea”. The best way is to introduce yourself, get another person’s card and contact them after the event if they seem to have time. You will probably go much further down this path.

Reuse interview materials

It’s one thing to interview someone and another to let them know. An interview with an expert is a great opportunity to reuse the information in the following ways:

I’ll sell the interview records.
Sell interview transcripts.
Be an affiliate seller of your guest’s content.
Electronic sales reports are written on the transcript.
Based on the interview, you can develop a free product or product for sale. Base your decision on your common goals. If your registration list is relatively small, a free offer can increase the size of your list.

If you are thinking about selling any of these products, make sure the expert knows about it. You can add this to your written agreement. You can offer your guest a high percentage of what you do with these information products. If they attract a large number of buyers, this is a great option. Keep in mind that you have to sell products.

There is really no limit to the re-significance of the interview with the expert. You are ready for creativity.

One of the most common types of expert series – telesammit. Telesammit is a virtual online conference that offers a number of different speakers over several days or several weeks.

There are other types of expert series, such as holding one expert a week on a TV seminary or a webinar for a fixed or indefinite period. Over time, you will have many subscribers among those who are interested in the speakers you accept.

One of the main reasons for the Expert Series, regardless of format, is the positioning of yourself as an expert. Many strangers quickly declared themselves to attract the best experts through a number of experts.

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