10 Safety Tips For Driving Trucks

Service hour rules determine how long you can drive at the same time and how much rest it takes before you start driving again. Few truck drivers can safely sit in the driver’s seat for eight hours without interruption without losing focus and driving concentration. One of the best ways to increase safety is to take short breaks every few hours.

However, these accidents can be prevented, so follow these winter driving tips to stay safe, keep the risks minimal and get through the difficult months without incident. Of course you should not go faster than the maximum speed. But keep in mind that if the weather and road conditions get worse, even trying to drive at the published top speed can be unrealistic. Don’t look at those speed limits as the number to be reached. Instead, you should never feel compelled to drive faster than road conditions allow.

Remember, none of those distractions are worth risking your life. Driving in the defensive means constantly paying attention and being attentive to changing or unexpected road conditions. You should be especially careful with motorists semi truck and trailer repair austin texas who don’t understand trucks and how they work. Make sure you leave enough space ahead, about twice the distance the average motorist keeps. The braking distance is the time it takes the truck to stop once the brake is applied.

Then check both your equipment and your cargo before returning to the trucks. Always follow the “three contact points” line so that both hands and one foot come into contact with the truck when getting in or out. This is probably the most important safety tip for truck drivers. Good driving requires that you remain alert at all times and that means that there is no distracted driving.

Check your mirrors, watch the blind spots and point forward. Remember that most motorists don’t know how to respond to a lane change car, so you have to take that into account. Avoid lane changes during heavy traffic, bad weather or night driving.

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